Thursday, 11 November 2021

PAK vs AUS T20 World Cup: बाबर आजम ने हार के बाद लगाई पाकिस्तान टीम की क्लास, कहा- अगर किसी ने किया ऐसा तो...

PAK vs AUS T20 World Cup: Babar Azam took the class of Pakistan team after defeat, said- if someone did this then...

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New Delhi. Pakistan had not lost a single match before the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup. But Australia put a brake on their winning streak in the semi-finals (PAK vs AUS T20 World Cup) and Pakistan's dream of winning the T20 World Cup remained unfulfilled. However, the spirit of Captain Babar Azam did not break even after that. This was also proved by his speech in the dressing room after the match. He did not blame a single player for the defeat and instructed his teammates not to do the same. A video of this has been shared by the PCB on Twitter.

When Azam reached the dressing room, there was disappointment on his face too. But he encouraged the players. The Pakistani captain said, "We are all sad, what we did wrong, where we went wrong, no one will tell each other, because they all know." "No one will tell anyone that we lost because of his mistake or his mistake," he told the players. We must maintain our unity as a unit. The whole team played badly. So no one will sneeze or point a finger at anyone. "

The unit we have created should not be broken: Babar
Babar did not stop there. He continued, "Yes, we have lost. But never mind. We will learn from this defeat and not repeat the mistakes made here in the upcoming series and tournaments. Everyone has one thing to keep in mind, this The bond we have formed should not be broken. One defeat should not break our unit. We all played our part, created a family-like environment. One outcome should not endanger it. The outcome is not in our hands. But we have to perform consistently, after which the results will start coming automatically.

Azam warned the players.
Azam warned the players that no one would blame a single player for the loss and it would not be good if I saw and heard someone doing so. Needless to say, I would go against it. In fact, Azam was defending Hassan Ali here. Who dropped Matthew Wade's catch in the 19th over of the match and then Wade hit three sixes in a row to lead Australia to victory. Since then, fans have blamed Hassan Ali for the defeat. They are being made villains on Twitter.

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